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Ultra Ivory

Super Platinums, "Ultras" display a radical blend of bright yellows, oranges, and thin black accents that intensify with age.


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Ultra Ivories are one look of the super form of the Platinum gene, producing all Platinums when bred to any other gene.  These white snakes are born with loads of color and aberrant patterns on a white background.   The color intensifies to almost unbelievable levels on adults, making for some truly captivating animals. Their eyes are actually an extremely dark blue, with red pupils, that are so dark they appear solid black.  In its Albino form, Ivories are much brighter white, with an almost glowing appearance, and the eyes become a shocking ruby red, that seems to be ablaze from within.  These snakes are the gem of any Retic collection, and because they throw all Platinums all the time, they are a great breeding asset as well.  Because of the remnants of color and pattern they have, they have the most potential for making interesting new white snake combos when combined with other genes.

Ultra Ivory Female
Ultra Ivory, homozygous form of Platinum
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